Our Best New Car Picks

We have reviewed hundreds of new cars to formulate our top picks based on lifestyle and budget. Whether you are a new parent, a traveling salesperson, mountain climber, avid surfer, or rideshare driver you'll find our advice here.

When you are ready to buy, give us a call before visiting a dealer. Our Detroit based staff has helped thousands of car buyers save money, in fact, our average customer saves over $3,500*.

The Top 9 Cars for Seniors and Older Drivers

Vehicles that are best for running errands with the grandkids, taking road trips cross country, and ...

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The Top 9 Cars for Families with Infants

Raising a family is tough. Tougher still when children are very young and require extra care and sup...

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The Top 9 “Real Durable” Cars that Real People Want to Drive

Let’s talk about vehicles that take a beating and run. And run. And run almost forever. Automobiles ...

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The Top 8 Off-Road Vehicles for Real People with Real Lives

We all love a little eye candy. Big, bulky trucks with knobby 30+ inch tires, grills the size of Te...

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The Top 8 Vehicles for Road Trips

A century ago, the Model T – the world’s first mass produced, affordable automobile – exposed millio...

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*Average savings are calculated by computing average per vehicle incentives offered across more than 300 different makes and models. You may not be eligible for all incentives used in this calculation. See participating dealer(s) for full details.

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