Chevy is Cutting Prices To Catch Up With Competitors

By Jakob Hansen, 9/17/2019

Chevy, one of America’s strongest brands, has recently been struggling to keep up with it competitors. Ford, Honda, Toyota, and even some of the smaller brands such as Nissan and Mazda have been stealing customers from the American strong horse left and right. 

Chevy needs to do something to keep up. Their first move, cut prices and run massive discounts. 

Right now, Chevrolet has massive discounts across the board on most of their vehicles. Cutting prices to far below MSRP and Invoice Price to drive sales and attract new customers and keep the ones that they have.

Dealers are willing to lose on financing deals and lease prices in order to move unsold inventory and make the sale 

Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors, has already ended production on the lower selling GM cars, and more shockingly, manufacturing plants, since the profit margins have been dropping with each progressing quarter. 

Since GM has stopped providing monthly sales reports, and moved to a yearly basis, according to Automotive News, the sales figures are harder to follow to try and cover up some of the lost sales that the dealers have been experiencing. 

The goal here is to try and make up for some of the early year sales losses with end of quarter deals to move some of their unsold inventory. 

That’s where you come in. Why not throw Chevy a bone, and buy up some of their cars, at a huge discount!

Already this year, the Ram has upset the Chevy Silverado as the Second Most Popular Truck. This has been Chevy’s spot for many years. The Ford F-Series has always been the Best Selling Truck, with Chevrolet as a close second. But the recent redesign of the Ram 1500, with their massive 12-inch infotainment screen, has shaken the masses and stirred up a disturbance in the long-standing Ford, Chevy, Ram sales figures. 

This change-up in the rankings has caused massive discounts on Chevy Trucks. 

All that being said, however, dealers still don’t want to advertise the deals. While GM wants to sell their cars, the dealers themselves still want to make a profit on the cars on their lots. So finding the deals is harder than you might think. 

What helps is visiting sites like 1800CarShow. Sites like this have unique relationships with dealers. The dealers don’t advertise their discounts on public sites, but through sites like this, you can see the huge rebates that are offered right now. 

It simple enough too. All you do is insert your details, such as the car you’re shopping for, your name, zip code, etc, and 1800CarShow will get you in contact with the closet dealers to you. 

You are also able to see the MSRP, Invoice Price, and Best Deal price, so you can walk into the dealer knowing exactly what you should be paying. 

Whatever you do, right now is the time to take advantage of these amazing deals, because you can get the deal of a lifetime on the truck or car that you have been wanting.

Chevy is Cutting Prices To Catch Up With Competitors

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