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Did you know the word Audi, when translated means “listen”? It’s OK if you thought it meant “best interior craftsmanship in the business.” But listen to this: If you want to drive a high end luxury vehicle without overtly screaming, “Look at me! it might be time you test drive an Audi. Widely hailed for their luxurious interiors, Audi vehicles boast cutting-edge engineering and first-class build quality, helping them retain their value over the long term. Audi continues to be a frontrunner when it comes to innovation. Particularly in the performance, safety, and driver-assistance categories. When it comes to options, Audi’s lineup does not disappoint, whether you prefer luxury sedans like the A8, full sized SUV’s like the Q7, or even supercars like the R8. Regardless of your wants, needs, or vehicle preferences, you can be confident that Audi’s lineup has a car for you. Not to mention Audi’s reliability and residual values rank above average across the board for all vehicles! You can expect nothing short of amazing when leasing your new Audi, drive one and you will see why.